Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

A set of illustrations for a project prepared for my graduation ○ 2014

Digital illustrations for graduation work on the topic "The classic tale of Snow White and the seven dwarfs" by The Brothers Grimm (although we are using the modern adaptation as a base)

Yana Davitkova

Diploma Leader:
Dr. Zdravka Braykova

Technical University of Sofia

One Month (Standard diploma preparation period)
September 2014

As part of my bachelor's degree, I had to prepare a final project that was presented in front of a diploma commission who evaluates the project. My diploma was in the field of graphic design, but since I did not want to make yet another website, I decided to challenge myself with a field I have not explored before - illustrations. For the final project, I prepared a set of 12 drawings and arranged them in a book which I presented to the diploma commission. I have to admit that I was definitely not prepared or experienced enough for the amount of work that I needed to do. Nevertheless, the final project was ready on time. I managed to defend my project and was graded with an excellent mark.

Here you can see some of the illustrations that were featured in my project:

Drops on the snow sketch
Drops on the snow illustration
Little Snow White Sketch
Little Snow White Illustration
The house of the dwarfs illustration
Who's the Pretties illustration
Snow White is alive illustration
Snow White with corset illustration
Helping Snow White Illustration
Snow White ate the apple sketch
Snow White ate the apple Illustration
Snow White wedding illustration
Snow White in coffin Illustration