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Web Widget ○ Enetpulse ○ 2017 - 2018

My Role:
UX/UI Expert

Project Timeline:
18 months and ongoing (2017)

Sofia, Bulgaria

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Enetscores Livescore is simply put - the best way to experience live scores online. You know your audience better than anyone, so we have made Enetscores fully customizable, to allow you to personalize it your way. Livescore widget, tournament widget, or action map? 

Check it out below and find the right way to add 
Enetscores to your coverage.

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Key Features:

Livescore Widget (view here):
      •    Inline Odds
      •    League Filter
      •    Live Standings
      •    Statistics
      •    Prematch
      •    Lineups
      •    Live Stats
      •    Commentaries
      •    Odds Comparison
      •    H2H

Tournament widget (view here)

Admin Panel (explore customization here)
    Widget Customization - Settings, Theme & Data Customization
    Admin Panel - Full control of all aspects of the widget and their embedding

Enetscores Preview

Project Goals

As part of the Enetpulse family, this set of widgets required a high level of customization & a great understanding of the market competitors.

      •    Ensure customizations and control of the widgets - This set of sports widgets are meant to be embedded into client's websites. This required a great level of customization for the widgets since clients need to be able to brand the widget as part of their website.

      •    Show relevant data - The sports widget consists of multiple elements that may or may not end up as part of the customized client solution. All of these elements have a distinct purpose and need special attention as part of the sports widget experience. During this project, we collected as much direct feedback from clients as possible and came up with a relevant and sustainable solution that will perform in all customization use cases.

      •    Responsiveness - One of the biggest challenges when presenting big amounts of table data is a responsive solution. In the case of the widgets, we chose to compromise by combining, compacting, or removing elements from the tables as the screens scale down. These decisions were possible due to all the client data & feedback gathered through time in Enetpulse.

      •    Think about the future - The beginning of Enetscores Widgets started by testing a few mock-ups for a new custom sports widget solution for soccer. With time more and more widgets and sports were added to the service. The design interface that was developed required a neutral approach that can handle the growing market and the expansion of features by providing consistent and simple versatile solutions.

Admin Panel & Setup

Enetscores Admin Panel

Enetscores Livescore Widget

Enetscores Widgets

Enetscores Tournament Widget

Enetscores Tournament Widget

Enetscores World Cup Widget

This widget was specifically created for World Cup 2018 but was later implemented as a regular feature to the standard livescore widget. You can explore it by clicking on the "filed" icon on every ongoing or finished game.

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