Leapest.com Corporate Website

Corporate website (re)design ○ EdCast Marketplace (Leapest) ○ 2018

UX/UI Designer

Dec 2018

2 weeks


EdCast Marketplace is a global B2B e-commerce platform that enables corporate L&D teams to source all their training products and services from a single, integrated learning ecosystem. The EdCast Marketplace offers an expanding catalog of self-paced and instructor-led training programs in various areas, such as Technology, Soft Skills, Leadership, and Compliance.

Leapest.com is EdCast Marketplace's main corporate website.

Project Goals

The current corporate website is built using WordPress, but the initial one was hosted via Intershop. This was very restricting and hard to manage for non-IT people in the company. A decision was made to transfer the website to a more friendly platform and include a blog, so management and new content can be added easily, without the need for planning and developers' help.

Project Goals:

          Choose a corporate theme to use for the WordPress website
    Transfer all components on the website and redesign the areas that are not so appealing
    Create a blog
    Improve site visibility
    Improve graphics on the website
    Add responsive views

Pages & Others

      •    Homepage
      •    Footer
      •    Start Selling page
      •    Start Buying page
      •    How it works
      •    Blog

Leapest's website preview