Digital Drawings

A set of images I have made using a digital tablet ○ 2015 - 2017

A set of digital drawings done in the period of 2015-2017.

All of the imagery you will find here was prepared in my free time and reflect my personal style, inspiration, and studies. From early works when I just wanted to complete the painting to the latest ones where I really wanted to experiment with the color combinations.

As you can see I am a big fan of Tim Burton's work. Another great artist that I always admire is Loish. The color combinations inspired by some of her works are visible in "Purple moon".

Zombie Tangled


Zombie Tangled Illustration
(Cara Delevingne Inspired)


Into Darkness Illustration

During the years I tried different techniques. Here you can see two autoportraits (it was an art trend during this period). All other digital drawings took me a lot of time, so I wanted to draw something that was "faster" and to try an easier technique.

August 2016

Imagination Illustration
Coffee Illustration
Purple Moon


Purple Moon Illustration
The first two images I ever created using digital art

Around 2015-2016

Digital Portraits - Girls