3D Logos

A series of logos in 3D created during the university curriculum ○ 2014

Aesthetic present

Subtitle: Egoistic present

3D Software: Siemens NX
Year: 2014

This logo was part of a project about consumerism, government and corporate relations, and the effect of it on the environment, day-to-day life, and people's relations.

Beautiful Creatures

Software: Siemens NX
Year: 2013-2014

This logo was prepared as part of a project in university, which intended to welcome people to be more tolerant to each other. 

The logo is presenting an angel - a perfect creature, which does not have any flaws. However in this project, the wings of the angel are different, suggesting that nothing is actually perfect, and the angel still remains beautiful.

Interior Boat Logo

Software: Siemens NX
Year: 2014

This 3D visualization was prepared as a favor for my dear friend Lilyana Vasileva. She provided me with the 2D version of the logo and I prepared the 3D visualization.